Paper Shuffling and Publicity Stunt for and by Schools

A couple of weeks ago the local rag, The Daily Times, published the names of the teaching assistants that were laid off.  Sam Duck sent me a link to this article that says “several” were cut, but a majority of them were hired back to other positions.  Several is a meaningless term because it can be 5 or 100.

Looks like there really wasn’t a shortage of funds in the $81 million since they were able to hire a majority of the “several” laid off.

Paper shuffling makes for a good PR stunt.

This article says 11 of 22 will likely be rehired.  6 had quit.

One thought on “Paper Shuffling and Publicity Stunt for and by Schools

  1. Good post, but you mention “Several is a meaningless term” but then mention that fact, which, as you mention, is meaningless. No word games intended but the important fact, as you mentioned, is that the majority, of whatever number, is being rehired. Whether the number is 4 out of 5 or 65 out of 100, the hypocrisy still shines through. Funny thought, I never attended a school class that had a teaching assistant and based on those entering the workforce out of government schooling the education I received must have been much better developed and delivered than it is today. “Paper shuffling” point is true, but thinking the flawed educational system, including, but not limited to, the accounting smoke and mirrors need to be addressed.

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