But Syria isn’t a “Christian Nation”™ like we are


by Eric Holcombe

John 10:16  And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.

I am sure these Nuns just need to review the intel – or get paid by the Saudis – then it will all become clear why we need to (continue to) help Al Qaeda blow them up to “fight for our freedoms”.  At least we are hoping that story will work on the men and women we are sending in while our “war hero” plays poker on his phone.

You see the beauty of these hills, the smile on people’s faces, the good-natured gaze of a boy who is about to join the army and gives us the two or three peanuts he has in his pocket as a token of “togetherness”…. And then you remember that they have decided to bomb us tomorrow. … Just like that. Because “it’s time to do something,” as it is worded in the statements of the important men, who will be sipping their tea tomorrow as they watch TV to see how effective their humanitarian intervention will be….

Will they make us breathe the toxic gases of the depots they hit, tomorrow, so as to punish us for the gases we have already breathed in?

The people are straining their eyes and ears in front of the television: all they’re waiting for is a word from Obama!

A word from Obama? Will the Nobel Peace Prize winner drop his sentence of war onto us? Despite all justice, all common sense, all mercy, all humility, all wisdom?

2 thoughts on “But Syria isn’t a “Christian Nation”™ like we are

  1. America is NOT a Christian nation. This is evident in the fact that 120 million conservatives and liberals voted for men who promised theft of the citizenry and war with our foreign neighbors.

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