Maybe ACHIEVE Inc. Board Member Bill Haslam can explain…



by Eric Holcombe


“Arizona’s new student assessment will likely cost $9 million more a year than the current AIMS test, triggering questions among education advocates about who will pay for it.”

Arizona public schools’ assessment testing costs are going to increase 67% in order to implement the Common Core “state” Standards requirements for data mining. That doesn’t include the cost for the new computers that will be required, just the annual, perpetual cost to test. Arizona doesn’t even know how much the computer costs will be yet, but are sweating over “who will pay for it”. Gee, it sounds like they don’t remember this is a “state-led” initiative. The states asked for all this and planned it out themselves ahead of time, remember?

“The new test is expected to be more expensive in part because it will be harder than the AIMS.” 


Riiiiight.  Different questions cost more.  So comparing the two Common Core “state” Standards testing arms created by Race To The Trough, why the gigantic cost difference to measure the “common” standards on only two subjects? PARCC says $29.50 per student and SBAC says $22.50 per student.

Achieve Inc. is the project manager for PARCC.  Bill Haslam is on the board of Achieve Inc.


Gee, I wonder which mandatory testing arm Tennessee will use? Tennessee “adopted the Common Core State Standards in July 2010, and became a Governing State in the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers in the spring of 2010.


Just in case you didn’t remember asking your elected representatives in the state legislature for all our schools in the entire country to be just alike back in 2008 or so. But don’t worry, there is going to be a “fact-finding” meeting of the Senate Education Committee this month, because apparently our elected legislators don’t remember it either when they voted to sell your children’s souls in the Race To The Trough.


I wonder if PARCC project manager Bill Haslam can explain:

1)Why PARCC costs 31% more to assess the exact same “common” standards as SBAC?

2)Why do these electronic tests cost more than what Arizona is already doing now? If it’s because the test is “harder”, is it “harder” for every single state in the country?

3)Why should Tennesseans pay 31% more to measure the same exact same “common” standard over the internet?

4)How much are those new Common Core “state” Standard computers going to cost? We have been preached to for years on end about “technology in the classroom” to justify spending increases for computers already. Do they have to be purchased from Bill Gates?

5)If Obama’s illegal executive order Common Core Cellphone tax doesn’t fly, how does Tennessee intend to pay for this?

6)Since Common Core is supposed to be “state-led”, why did you have to join a Washington DC group to control PARCC? Don’t we have any idea how to assess the academic standards we allegedly created for our own state? If not, has TVAAS been a colossal waste of our money?




4 thoughts on “Maybe ACHIEVE Inc. Board Member Bill Haslam can explain…

  1. These are all excellent questions. I wonder what the limited duo Doug and Bob have to say about this. Bob will likely say he will talk to the School Board and see what they have tell him to say. Doug probably won’t have a position because there isn’t a bill up for vote.

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