Commissioner Tom Greene’s Attendance Record

After reading that Commissioner Tom Greene has perfect attendance at Blount County Commission meetings, challenger Nick the Corgle issued the following statement.

“While Commissioner Greene hasn’t missed a Commission meeting, I have to point that this is hardly a measure of quality performance.  If we examine his record of speaking up for the people of his district we would probably find that he has never said a word at a regularly scheduled meeting on any of the important issues.  He appears to be mute.  A dog could say more than Commissioner Greene has.  The people of the 7th district have no voice in Commissioner Greene, just a trained chimp with a record of showing up to push his yes button for the political machine run by elephants.  The people of the 7th district will have a strong voice if I am elected to the Commission.  After all a dog is man’s best friend.”

Nick the Corgle announced his candidacy earlier this week on BC Public Record.

Nick Red Clover Patch Apr 26 2012

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