5 thoughts on “Speed Kills Myth Destroyed

  1. At least they don’t have the arbitrary lowering of the speed limit on interstates because of “non-attainment” EPA regulations. 70mph to 55mph, then to 45mph when you lay a few orange barrels by the shoulder.

    • The speed limit on Pellissippi Parkway was lowered because the Knoxville Metropolitan Planning Organization wanted it claiming it would reduce pollution, which it would not. I spoke out against it, but when you are the lone voice in the wilderness, not too many listen.

      It’s wrong that bureaucrats in another County can lower the speed limit in Blount County.

  2. Those are one and the same. Knox avoids EPA emissions testing by arbitrary speed limit set by the EPA. Slowing the traffic down so it chugs out exhaust even longer while in your area is supposed to reduce pollution somehow. It does make for an effective speed trap.

  3. At least the Knoxville regular speed limits seem pretty reasonable. It’s mainly the interstate speed limits that they use to get people. I believe that this system helps them persecute non-residents.

    Also, it definitely makes me mad that governments in general two facedly lie about their true goals. It is common knowledge that interstate speed limits are frequently dropped solely for the purpose of helping the environment. Yet when they pull you over to rob you, they don’t accuse you of endangering the environment. They accuse you of endangering public safety. They also primarily enforce the speed limits in places where the speed limits are set very low, as opposed to policing the supposedly more “dangerous” places.

    Finally, in my opinion, endangering safety should not be a crime. Punish the people who actually harm others, not just the ones who put people at risk. This concept of punishing people merely for creating the possibility of harm is a fairly new concept. It was foreign to the common law, and to biblical law.

    • Victimless crimes are a big problem in this country. Also, crimes against oneself and not others shouldn’t be within the purview of the State either. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. If you defile it, it’s between you and your creator.

      Public Safety is a nebulous term for government to get away with doing anything it wants.

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