Time to Mandate Chocolate* in our Drinking Water

Dear Representative Bob Ramsey DDS,

Research recently demonstrated that chocolate* does better at re-mineralizing teeth than fluoride.

Will you sponsor a bill to mandate chocolate in our drinking water?  Or at the very minimum will you badger the people at water utility districts, until they cave, into putting chocolate in our drinking water?


If you are really concerned about the dental health of kids that don’t brush their teeth, you should mandate that we are forcibly medicated with chocolate.  Just think, there will be less PMS, and migraines and great romance, side effects you won’t get for compelled fluoridation medication.  Furthermore, you can use tax dollars to purchase chocolate to give out at schools, since parents are too stupid to feed their kids chocolate at home.  All the poor little kids who’s parents can’t afford chocolate for them, will finally enjoy one of lifes greatest indulgences.

I await your response on this great health discovery and the bureaucratic plan to provide chocolate for everyone since we have to use government force to protect people from tooth decay.

Let freedom ring!

Tona Monroe


*Theobromine is not technically chocolate, but one compound that naturally occurs in chocolate.  While I make note of this, it shouldn’t matter to dentist and fluoride myrmidons who call a plethora of toxic chemicals “fluoride” and force them on people.

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