Blount County Couples Votes Were Not Counted in November 2010 Election

At the December 2010 Blount County Commission Agenda meeting, Citizen Karen Miller spoke on the agenda to the consent calender regarding item E3.  She informed the Commission that she and her husband had received a letter from the Blount County Election Commission that their votes were not counted because they had voted by paper ballots.

At that time, the Commission was unresponsive.  At the January 2011 Commission meeting, both Karen and her husband Keith spoke about their experiences voting.  It appeared that they would both receive the same non-response that Karen had received at the December Agenda meeting.  As Keith Miller was walking back to his seat, Commissioner Monika Murrell asked the Chairman if she could ask Keith Miller some questions.  She asked him if she could get a copy of the Election Commission letter to which Keith replied “absolutely” and Commission Murrell said she would follow up on the matter. 

Commissioner Gordon Wright said that he would like to receive a copy of that letter as well and finally the dam broke and several other commissioners wanted a copy of the letter and requested that the Election Commission and Libby Breeding, the Administrator of Elections, be present at the next Commission meeting. 

It’s wonderful to see the Commission finally actually attempt to redress the greviances of two Blount County voters, and none of this would have been possible had Commissioner Monicka Murrell not spoken up. 

I should be dumbfounded that there was no coverage of this in The Daily Times, but given their tract record, I am not.  I spoke to Larry Aldridge about this, and his response was he had not heard about this issue and I also emailed Joel Davis and received no response from him on the lack of coverage. 

The Current Election Commission members are:

Don Walker, Chairman

Ben Rauhuff, Secretary

Bob Carroll, Member

Larry Garner, Member

Bill Crisp, Member

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