Spending Increases this year

The turn back money being touted as good stewardship from elected County officials does not accurately portray the budget spending situation.  Look at these figures from Commissioner Jim Folts for the full story.  County employees were already receiving higher compensation for their labor.

From Commissioner Folts:

These are increases in the salary budgets over the actual spending last year. Also noted are the increases budgeted for the officials running the departments.

Salary budget increase 4.3%
Berrong increase 4.6%

Salary budget 3.9%
Crisp increase 4.6%

Circuit Court Clerk
Salary budget 12.4%
Hatcher 4.6%

Juvenile Detention
Salary Budget 14.8%
Captain 5.0%

Jail (Berrong)
Salary Budget 11.3%

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