Larry Henry Bio and Candidate Statement District 10 Seat Seat B

larryhenryMay 6 Primary

America has become bloated and self-satisfied, and we fell asleep … and while we slept and trusted those we elected to represent us, those elected officials dug us into an economic pit, and backed us into a bureaucratic corner. That’s Washington, DC, Democrats and Republicans alike.

The Blount County Commission has done the same thing to the tune of $221,000,000,ninety million of which is an adjustable rate mortgage. The sheriff doesn’t need 260 automobiles, our Blount Partnership doesn’t require any additional tax dollars, and we don’t need more tax increases or further debt.

I’m Larry Henry and I’m running for Seat B,Section 10,which is Louisville, TN. I grew up in South Knoxville, attended Young High, and graduated UT. My background is the Marine Corps, residential construction and land development, I’m an active real estate broker with Ferguson Realtors, plus I’ve written three novels. I’m also a member of the Tea Party. We believe in the Constitution, God and country. Progressives and the media call us names. The name I prefer is “Patriot.”

There are fourteen of us running against the Blount County Commission.

Our friend Kenlyn Foster is running for Juvenile Judge.

We need your votes in the May 6th Primary.

Thank You

Larry Henry
4809 Riversedge Road
Louisville, TN 37777

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