Why 4 term Commissioner Kenneth Melton needs to go

Does anyone remember his authoritarian approach to “serving” as Chairman of the Commission? It’s time for Kenneth Melton to go.

4 Term Incumbent County Commissioner Kenneth Melton voted to:

  • Triple his pay from $300 to $900 a month 6/19/03
  • Raise your property tax rate multiple times 6/24/04, 6/29/06, 6/21/07, 6/16/11
  • Ban applause at public County Commission meetings 7/12/11
  • Disband the County Ethics Committee 6/18/09
  • Pay double the appraised value for the Smoky Mountain Race Track 1/18/07
  • Give employees FREE health care 6/16/11
  • Appoint people to Committees without any information about their qualifications (multiple dates)
  • Give employees a $1,000 bonus in an election year 2/20/14
  • Leave you with $1,700 debt per capita, excluding interest (2013 CAFR)
  • Buy new bleachers instead of textbooks that our kids need 12/19/13
  • Take $5 million from the rainy day fund instead of balancing the budget 6/21/12

He voted against the Senior Property Tax Freeze in December 2007.

Isn’t 16 years of this tax and spend career politician enough?
You deserve better government!

Vote for Larry Henry for County Commissioner District 10 Seat B.

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