NEW->Click HERE to see how to do write-in candidates on the voting machines.<-NEW

new_icon[1]Pretty interesting that the election commission has gone to the trouble to put a “NEW-” RED banner at top of their web page with link to instructions on how to vote for a write-in candidate. This despite the already existing side bar menu with the write-in instructions linked at the bottom of the list. And the new, redundant instructions are much more detailed with pictures and a link to a youtube video for how to correctly accomplish this as compared to their old instructions which are still linked on the site.
Granted, these new instructions are a good improvement over the original that have been there for several years now. I wonder why they got all concerned about providing detailed write-in voting instructions all of a sudden? I’m sure they were thinking of Larry Henry….

5 thoughts on “NEW->Click HERE to see how to do write-in candidates on the voting machines.<-NEW

  1. Thank You for posting this information! This will definitely go a long way in assisting the Citizens of Blount County in understanding the correct procedure to do a Candidate WRITE-IN! I have posted this on Facebook and Pinterest. This should go a long way in circulation, especially for those who don’t venture to The Official Election Commission website nor would think to do so! Thanks 😉

  2. I guess that says something about a voter who would look to Pinterest and Facebook for voting instructions. You can only bring the horse so close to water.

    I’ll be writing in Nay Sayer for mayor. It will be interesting to see if the write-in vote reporting will be censored as it has been in the past.

    • Mr. Holcombe….Any Means Of Educating People on any subject should be utilized at ALL TIMES! You have the audacity to vilify anyone for using Facebook and Pinterest for information. Surely you jest!!! ..You are getting Yours Here! I am sure the only “HORSE NAYING”….
      is coming from You! Don’t waist your time responding ….I will not be reading it!!!

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