7 thoughts on “Blount County Tax Revolt Commends Commissioner Tona Monroe for not Taking a Salary

  1. Blount County did the right thing when they elected Tona. She might not please (I can guarantee she won’t) many of the other Commissioners but she will ALWAYS do what is right for the tax payer and that you can count on. This woman is a person of unwavering principles and as time goes by the people of Blount will see that exercised over and over again.

  2. The only thing voters understand is cutting their taxes. Over sixty percent of the “actual” voters do not have a child or grandchild in public schools and think the amount of tax money going to public education is too much. Join with Karen Miller and hold the line on increasing tax money going to the schools. The number of students are decreasing but the amount of money is increasing. $405 is a drop in the bucket on what needs to be cut in Blount County. Start cutting millions then go blow your horn.

    • Do you remember the headline of I’ll guard your money and the fact that I said I’d take a chainsaw to the budget? Of course the salary is a drop in the bucket compared to the $165M budget, but it’s something that I have direct control over. One of my first acts as a County Commissioner was to turn down nearly $20K, which should demonstrate that the headline is being backed by actions. My first action on the Commission was to nominate new leadership. Karen Miller seconded my nomination. Only 3 Commissioners were for changing the old guard. I hope it’s not a sign of things to come.

    • You could say that a county commissioner’s salary only covers about HALF the tuition of one student in our “free” public schools. You need $746 per month. Of course, you only really get 9 months of school per year (180 days), so it is more accurate to say it costs $995 per month – 45% more than their local private counterparts – you know, where the “rich” people go.

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