Mayor Ed Mitchell flexing his muscles by vetoing EPA Stormwater Repeal Resolution


See page 522 for the resolution that Ed Mitchell vetoed.

Statement on Mayor’s veto of Resolution No. 15-04-007, “A Resolution Asking Federal Legislators To Stop The Expansion of EPA Regulations over water and to Repeal Stormwater Regulations.”

Unfortunately Mayor Ed Mitchell has taken the Washington DC approach to government, deciding that decisions should be made behind closed doors for the benefit of a few at the expense of all. We just learned that the Sheriff stands to gain from the sale of property that will have a road run through it. Who benefits from the Mayor’s veto? It’s certainly not the taxpaying property owners of Blount County who have repeatedly voiced legitimate property rights concerns for many years about EPA mandated regulations.

This resolution expressed what the citizens have expressed to the Commission for years. Apparently their grievances have fallen upon deaf ears with Mayor Mitchell. He should be focusing on how to solve the $16 million budget deficit instead of silencing the concerns of the people through their elected representatives.”
Tona Monroe
Blount County Commissioner – District 7 Seat B

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