A year ago: Thank You!

This time a year ago today I was roasting in the sun.  I was so burnt that I was almost a purple color at the end of the day.

Thank you to the people of Big Springs, Carpenters, Friendsville, Happy Valley and Lanier for electing me to serve as your County Commissioner.  I will carry on ringing the liberty bell throughout Blount County.


7 thoughts on “A year ago: Thank You!

  1. Tona, You have made us proud to know that it is “possible” for the voters to elect someone who will actually represent the people instead of the special interest government bureaucrats. You have reaffirmed that it is possible for the voters to actually elect someone who will try and protect the over taxed taxpayer, from further government waste and abuse.

    Unfortunately, all too often, our representatives almost immediately betray the people they were elected to serve, and instead become self-serving politicians. You have served us well the first year in office. Please keep up the good work.

  2. Tona,

    And, I would vote for you all over again. You’ve done a superb job in keeping us informed about the other side of an issue. I appreciate all your hard work and commitment.

  3. Tona,

    Thanks for all you do to research and ask the questions that need to be answered even if you don’t get responses or only part of what info you requested. You hang in there for the long haul and that definitely makes you a citizen representative and a servant of the people.

  4. Tona,

    Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary. My only regret is that this county did not elect you a state representative 10 years ago! So far, you have been one of the most responsible, open and honest and hardest working commissioners this county has ever had. Keep up the good work!


  5. Tona,

    Thank you and proud of your ability to talk sensible to those “ole cronies” who
    sit with blank looks on their faces. I thought it was funny that Moon & Farmer
    obstained from voting for the wheel tax to go to the Commission what this
    tells me is that they would have voted “YES” but didn’t have the nerve as they
    remembered the signs “Wheel Tax You” and how the people did not want this
    tax. It was a great idea you had and got lots of press releases . I say we
    did a great job on this last election and now they are all scared. Samples voted “NO”. Think he must have second thoughts about those signs.
    Congratulations and very proud of your wisdom and your new name of “NO”.
    That is a compliment and something to be proud of.
    So pleased with your voting record and how you represent your constitutents
    and vote for them . This next vote on increasing property tax will haunt the
    commissioners who want to be re-elected. I am proud to be Tea Party Patriot
    as we have accomplished a lot in BC and made a lot of the “good ole boys”
    God Bless American, again.

    Mary Cook

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