Who are the Blount County good ole’ boys?

There is a letter to the editor today talking about the good ole’ boys of Blount County.  In case you are wondering who the elected officials in county government are that comprises the good ole’ boys, a political PAC Blount Lifestyles has made this easy for you.

The political machine isn’t just the local elected officials.  There are several people who helped finance these races.  These are the local elected officials that comprise the good ole’ boy network.

To learn who is not a part of the  good ole’ boy network, look at the 8 county commissioners and one General Sessions judge who are not on this list.

Commissioners Mike Akard, Archie Archer, Tom Cole, Grady Caskey, Dodd Crowe, Jamie Daly, Karen Miller and Tona Monroe.  Juvenile Court (General Sessions) Judge Kenlyn Foster is not on this list.  These 9 elected local officials were not supported by the political machine/good ole’ boy network in the 2014 election.

Interestly 6 of the 8 commissioners voted no on the resolution saying that the commission intends to raise the property tax rate.  The two who voted yes, Grady Caskey and Dodd Crowe are Blount County teachers.

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