All hail King Daniels!

“All hail King Daniels!”  That was the subject line of an email in my inbox today.  The body of the email went on to say “and his royal court- crazy Phyllis, Alexander, Haslam and others!”

Last week I received an email with the subject line “Pure Nonsense” and the body said “National Enquire material…”.  Attached to the email was the article on Bryan Daniels being given the 2015 Tennessee Chamber of Commerce Executive of the Year award.

An email from earlier this month contained this link TeamHealth to acquire IPC for $1.6B and said, “All cash deal after the Blount Partnership bragged about giving them $200,000 for employee training.  Why did they need it?”

Someone recently said to me, “anyone can give the farm away.”  It sounds like the people of Blount County see through these “deals.”

It is good to see Denzo expand.  They are a valuable asset to the community.

The paper talks about the donations that Denzo makes to the community.  What about the “donations” that the taxpayers give to Denzo?  It should concern us that the state and the local governments have to give them things to get them to expand where they already exist and operate.

Bryan Daniels talks about the “secret” to successful recruitment of business being cooperative community leaders.  It reminded me of a conversation I had with someone in state government regarding the Industrial Development Board and business recruitment.  He said, these people who do the recruiting act like there is a magic formula but there isn’t.  They just start giving them stuff until they say yes.

That’s right, they give them stuff.  Your stuff.  You get to pay for it through increased property taxes on your house.  You may never get one of these jobs but you get to pay for the stuff given to these companies to get those jobs here.  The tax money given to the IDB and the Smoky Mountain Tourism Development Authority, both a part of the private Blount Partnership, keeps going up not down.

Earlier in the year, after one of these Blount Partnership press conferences I received a message complaining about the mediocre pay the employees will receive from the company that was given a special tax deal.  It reminded me of what Bryan Daniels told members of the community in January, “A lot of companies that, a lot of those manufacturers that are coming in, they’re looking for (sigh) kind of a little bit cheaper labor force at times.”

There you have it folks.  Bryan Daniels, the Blount Partnership and your elected officials are giving the farm away to get a little bit cheaper labor force here.  The results speak for themselves.  Blount County has the highest drop in median household income in the region and Blount County is the only county in the region where pay isn’t keeping up with the rate of inflation.  Those are really results worth writing weekly puff pieces on.

Anyone in for throwing in another million (the IDB gets about $1 million of your tax money) in the IDB/Blount Partnership pot for more of these results?

Here’s a recruitment tip for Byran Daniels.  Bring in a vomit bag manufacturer so that the people have something to catch the projections that result from the plethora of nauseating articles coming from the paper telling us how great these secretive deals are that provide jobs that can’t even keep the pay in Blount County growing at the rate of inflation.

5 thoughts on “All hail King Daniels!

  1. Mebbe the Blount County Industrial Board / Blount Partnership / Twinkie King / et. al. can bring in a Fluoride filter manufacturer. Talk about local sales & local consumption of locally made goods—what a win-win situation that’d be. Not that any Blount countians don’t believe the blather of SOME local dentists, hydrofluorosilicic acid salesmen, the ADA, and GD PhD’s who ridicule those that question mass-medication.

  2. Lightning you have me wondering if the Munsters are running Blount County. 😉

    Libruhl, a couple of years back someone sent me something about a comment posted on facebook regarding a brewery, that these financial wizards recruited, pulling out of Blount County because of the fluoride in the water. Know anything about that?

    • Sierra Nevada is a fluoride free beer. Once their folks figured out Blount County fluoridates & hydrofluosilicic acidating all of their water systems, then they balked & left. Why would an industry invest in highly expensive filtering systems, increasing their production costs, that are not needed elsewhere?

      Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Israel, Iran, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Hungary, & Japan have all banned & rejected fluoridation. But honestly—what do they know? Aren’t all of these countries full of knuckle dragging backwoods foolish ignorant cave people anyway?

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