Commissioner Tona Monroe to request long awaited jail study hearing

Commissioner Tona Monroe has filed a resolution to have a teleconference hearing on the findings and recommendations of the Criminal Justice System Assessment Report presented by the Institute for Law and Policy Planning.  Commissioner Monroe issued the following statement regarding the report and teleconference.

“In response to jail overcrowding the County commissioned a study that was conducted by the Institute for Law and Policy Planning (ILPP).  Two years later the County Commission has not heard from the consultant about the findings of the study because of leadership changes on the Blount County Corrections Partnership and because of the Mayor’s false threat of a lawsuit to silence discussion.

The Blount County jail is overcrowded and the problem is not going to go away on its own.  I commend the 7 commissioners who joined me in voting to have a hearing earlier this year and I challenge the other 13 to rethink their positions. With no lawsuit on the horizon it’s time for the commission to move beyond local obstructionist politics and get to work addressing the needs of our criminal justice system.”

Commissioner Tona Monroe
District 7 Seat B
Serving Big Springs, Carpenters, Friendsville, Happy Valley and Lanier

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6 thoughts on “Commissioner Tona Monroe to request long awaited jail study hearing

  1. Get rid of the federal inmates!!!! And the overcrowding problem is solved. look at inmate now on the bcso website do the math on the feds versus local inmates.

    • Yes we should stop taking federal inmates immediately. At the April meeting of the Blount County Corrections Partnership, I asked the Chairman to put discussion of federal inmates on the agenda of the meeting after the TCI presentation in June. We haven’t met since. A meeting has finally been scheduled for November 30th after I repeatedly requested that a meeting be scheduled.

      The Sheriff himself told me that he would stop taking federal prisoners if the commission told him to stop.

  2. Why would 13 other commissioners want to sit on their hands? Do they have some sort of vested interest in not alleviating the over crowding?

    • Those are really good and important questions. Job security/money, protection and ego are the most likely reasons.

  3. The majority of the commissioners are related to Harry Reid as they do not
    care about the voters and taxpayers it is who kisses their stinky feet
    gets what they want. Sick and tired of this crony capitalism in Blount Co.
    Mayor keeps saying people move here to get away from high taxes. TN is in the moderate range for property taxes, highest in the sales tax. They want
    more increase in their paychecks. The commissioners should never be the ones who decide to raise our property taxes it should be on the ballot and voted in.

  4. Mary wrote : “The majority of the commissioners are related to Harry Reid”…

    Would explain a lot if the majority of commissioners were inbred !

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