TCI Board of Control member: Blount County could use a nice 100,000 person jail

After the September 2, 2015 Tennessee Corrections Institute Board of Control (TCIBC) minutes revealed that the Mayor had set aside $1 million without telling the public, the September 12, 2012 minutes reveal another alarming statement.  On page 3 of the TCIBC minutes, board member and Cocke County Sheriff Armando Fontes said:

“Unfortunately, they (Sheriff and staff?) don’t have a commission that will build them a nice 100,000 person jail but they could use it.”

A nice 100,000 person jail?  Blount County can use a facility that large?  Are some wanting to turn the peaceful side of the Smoky Mountains into the next Brushy Mountain Penitentiary?

With rhetoric like this, I think it is time for us to question the quality of people serving on the Board of Control and look at reforming its membership.  Have some become numb to the incarceration process and the huge costs associated with it?  Only one member of the TCIBC does not work in the criminal justice system and that member is a Mayor.

Note: The first page of the 2012 TCIBC minutes is giving an error message but pages 2-3 should open for viewing purposes.

3 thoughts on “TCI Board of Control member: Blount County could use a nice 100,000 person jail

  1. My question is who stands to gain monetarily from building a new jail? I always believe in following the money. I have always wondered why a rural county needs a black ops training course. From the size of the police force here, I have come to two conclusions: 1. There is more crime here than local authorities admit too or 2. someone is gaining from having the large police force, either money or power.

  2. IMO bonds are set too low, likely to make room for federal prisoners. The Daily Times should print the comments about a “100,000 bed jail”. Pretty sure folks who chose to live here would vehemently oppose that.

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