Get Ready for Surprise #2

by Horatio Bunce

This according to GOP Establishment man John McCain on the conservative “news”, who obviously has his finger on the pulse of GOP loyalists after endorsing Lindsey Graham. Now John and Lispy are backing guess who……Single Digit Jeb. Lispy tells him Jeb is rising in the polls and you are going to be surprised tomorrow night (see 6:19 in the video link). Ask yourself – how does GOP establishment retread McAmnesty already know there is a “surprise” waiting for you tomorrow?

So once again you are being prepared on multiple fronts:

A) The Iowa Republican “surprise” consisted of three things: 1- Trump’s commanding lead in every poll to that point evaporated and he “lost” in Iowa. 2 – Canadian Cruz “won”, but his campaign lied about Carson ending his campaign and try to blame this on CNN. 3- Rubio finishes 3rd and for the first time ever garners more than 20% of the vote, which until this point he has been unable to do in polling.

What was the result? Carson is dead. Trump appears to crash. Cruz “wins” but is overall weaker because of his campaign lying. He then doubles down and continues to blame CNN (who both tweeted and reported accurately that Carson was not immediately traveling to New Hampshire, not implying that he was suspending his campaign). Now the “evangelical” candidate is a stubborn liar – further weakening his campaign.

B) This appears to make Rubio the “front runner”, and as Tona pointed out, he was treated like the winner of Iowa for finishing third. Enter Chris Christie and the New Hampshire debate, which incidentally still made room for seven candidates so Single Digit Jeb and Kasich are allowed. Do you really believe that Rubio has been so polished a speaker and suddenly can only repeat the same line over and over? Christie the back-marker is used to make the attack on Rubio, so neither Trump nor Cruz benefit and Single Digit Jeb keeps his hands clean. Net effect: After Iowa you thought Rubio was front-runner material, but now he isn’t. Suddenly Rubio “cannot afford to not do well in New Hampshire”.  *ding*ding*ding*ding*ding*  All the first three Iowa finishers are made weaker by the “news” and the scripted flubs.

C) The “news” fact-checks the Republicans from their New Hampshire debate. They show you how all of them messed up except for who? That’s right. Single Digit Jeb. Oh, you noticed I left out Carson? That’s because he is dead. The “news” says so. He’s way down there at 3%… Single Digit Jeb….except well, he’s not Single Digit Jeb.

D) You are being prepped again with contradictory information about New Hampshire voters. First, they are unpredictable and make up their minds in the last 72 hours before voting (so you are ready for your surprise right?), AND AT THE SAME TIME, you are to believe Kasich is second in polling and Single Digit Jeb is moving up. So, if they are so unpredictable, who cares? Do their votes mean anything? Does the polling information mean anything? Obviously one of them has to be irrelevant right?

According to GOP establishment Lispy, New Hampshire “resets” everything. So Iowa doesn’t mean anything (except for Carson of course – he is dead). Cruz, Rubio and Trump are all “bad”. See how it works? Iowa is important to validate certain things, then within a week is completely meaningless.

Can you guess what your “surprise” is?

3 thoughts on “Get Ready for Surprise #2

  1. Trump will win New Hampshire. He is the candidate the media couldn’t stop talking about for several months.

    If Rubio comes in 2nd, he will repeat what Ron Paul did in 2012, coming in 3rd in Iowa and 2nd in New Hampshire but getting far more media coverage from over paid talking heads providing unceasing hours of regurgitated analysis on him. If he comes in below 2nd the media will tell us that Robot Rubio shouldn’t have been so robotic in the last debate, even though he was robotic all along.

    It becomes easier for single digit Jeb to inch closer to double digits each time a candidate drops out or is treated like he dropped out. Then there are always coin tosses and surprises. People should watch the polls instead of pundits.

  2. Yes, current totally rigged Democratic delegate score: Clinton 394 Sanders 44.

    Go ahead, vote in your “primary” and pretend your vote means anything at all.

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