Why the establishment GOP appears to be in desperation mode

by Horatio Bunce

I want to preface this post by stating that this is not an endorsement of Donald Trump. This is because I am going to point you to some very well done research on the strategy of the GOPe (e=establishment) beginning nearly two years ago. This work better explains the “splitter strategy” I have touched on. It was and still is very insightful. The strategy the GOPe would necessarily have to employ in order for Single Digit Jeb to be the presumptive nominee has played out exactly as predicted – except for Donald Trump screwing everything up (apparently). There was more involved than just the shill candidates that split the primary money, votes, debate minutes etc. The plan relied on the Citizens United supreme court case to allow massive anonymous funding of superpacs by the GOPe (to enable the shill candidates that no one is interested in). It has relied upon GOP rule changes regarding the primaries: specifically that it now takes winning eight states vs. the previous 5 to be the presumptive nominee, AND that Florida has been made into a winner-take-all primary when it was previously proportionally awarded. This particular researcher is a long-studied student of the GOP and as I, they have become painfully aware of the absolute disconnect between what the Republican party SAYS they believe vs. what they actually DO. So, please read the following link. Then the other hyperlinks below that one.

This will take a while, but there is no denying what has come to pass closely matches the “GOPe roadmap” laid out by this researcher beginning two years ago. You need to see it – the groundwork the GOP laid two years ago, compare to what you have seen in the last eight or nine months and see what the “news” is telling you even now. Learn about the delegate numbers and the very carefully devised schedule switching to winner-take-all primaries after Super Tuesday. By all appearances, the GOPe plan is in big trouble.

Rubio was supposed to be the Florida “splitter”, Cruz is still serving as the Texas “splitter”. If Trump captures super Tuesday states, then it will be essentially a “tie” between Trump and Non-Trump (all of those delegates eventually go to GOPe in the end). Florida is the linchpin. If Trump wins Florida, the GOPe plan is toast. Neither Cruz nor Rubio can afford to drop out yet to give enough votes to the other to overcome Trump (and not all Rubio nor Cruz votes would be non-Trump if those men drop out). Cruz must stay in through SuperTuesday to play his role of Texas splitter. They are making desperate appeals to Kasich (the Ohio splitter) and Carson to drop out in hopes those votes would go to Cruz/Rubot and eek out a victory over Trump in Florida. You are going to see some real hijinks on Tuesday – in fact you saw them last night on the debate. They are desperate. The plan is in jeopardy. And all the GOP has to offer you are two men that are not Natural Born Citizens. Remember that oath they tried to push on Trump to support the GOP nominee, no matter what? Reagan’s 11th Commandment? What happened to that?

From The Conservative Treehouse in August 2015:

“Tripwire Alert” – Evidence Now Exists To Show Benefit Of GOPe Road-mapped “Splitter Strategy”….

That should be enough so you can begin to see the framework – much of which has been carried out at this point. See here for the delegate breakdowns and you can start keeping score with GOPe vs. Trump. It is essentially tied at this point. Is Trump real? I don’t know. Is Rove sharp enough to have Trump be controlled opposition, as I believed he would turn out to be and bow out to Jeb? Doesn’t look that way. Are they even sharper and Trump is really the Uniparty candidate? Could be.

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