Is someone not telling the truth?

The local paper had a quote from Mayor Ed Mitchell in the Saturday paper saying, “There has been no conversation between me, the sheriff, nor anyone else about building a jail.  You’ve heard so many people out there say that we’re wanting to build a jail.  You’re listening to one person who is giving fact-less information, disseminating it to the public with no basis.”

Fact #1: State record mentions conversation between mayor and sheriff

The mayor says there has been no conversation between him and the sheriff about building a jail and that one person is giving fact-less information to the public.  Let’s compare what he said with the minutes of the September 2, 2015 Tennessee Corrections Institute Board of Control meeting.  Statements attributed to Sheriff James Berrong appear to contradict what the mayor told the Blount Partnership/Chamber of Commerce.

“Sheriff Berrong said he addressed the board three years ago and at that time said that the mayor did not think he had a problem but rather thought the sheriff had a problem. Since that time, the mayor is on board 100 percent and called the sheriff the previous day and told the sheriff that one million dollars had been escrowed and earmarked for a new jail and plan to do the same thing next year. The sheriff said they are making great strides and progress with cooperation between the jail and the mayor’s office. He added that they also have a commission that does not believe there is a problem.”

Well gee mayor, did that conversation happen or not?  A state record says it did.

Fact #2: Mayor called a special commission meeting with a resolution to authorize a request for qualifications (RFQ) pertaining to the jail

Mayor Ed Mitchell called a special session meeting of the Board of County Commissioners of Blount County, Tennessee in April of this year.  The agenda contained one item: a resolution to authorize the purchasing agent to solicit a request for qualifications for architectural planning and/or design services and/or programming services for Blount County, Tennessee.

Well gee mayor, did you call a meeting to put the RFQ resolution before the commission without talking to anyone, including the sponsors of the resolution?

Fact #3: The RFQ project overview says county is seeking services to plan and design a jail expansion

The project overview in the RFQ says, “Blount County Government is soliciting Requests for Qualifications from licensed Architectural and/or Engineering firms for professional services necessary to plan and design a jail expansion for Blount County, Tennessee.”  See page 9 for the quote.  Under Proposal Award it says, “Once an agreement is reached, the Purchasing Agent will then request that the full Blount County Commission approve a multi-year contract.”  See page 16 for that quote.

Well gee mayor, did you call a meeting to have the commission vote on an RFQ to seek services to plan and design a jail expansion without talking to anyone about it?

What kind of leader would assign $1 million of fund balance and call a meeting to seek commission approval for issuing a document that says the county is requesting qualifications for services to plan and design a jail expansion without talking about it?  Were there no conversations or is someone not telling the truth?

10 thoughts on “Is someone not telling the truth?

  1. Berrong, by his comments in the Daily Times, is taking this personally. Commissioners have the RIGHT to ask questions. This is America, we don’t allow “dictators”, rather we operate in a system of checks and balances. If the state and the Federal Gov’t need to house prisoners let them foot the bill for a prison. If Berrong wants to get in the prison business, there are plenty of corporations in the private sector that operate prisons, that he could apply for employment.

  2. Woodruff, then Cunningham, now Mitchell. Thank goodness we ain’t ever elected a mayor from any other party; just think how they’d have to paint the truth. One thing to say about them 3 mayors is, at least they’s all conservative.

  3. Did you say conservative? Look at the increase in county spending, amount of debt and higher taxes over the past 20 years and tell me again that we have had conservative leadership. Mercy on us if it had been liberals running the county!

  4. At least your are revealing what they assume a conservative is, but what do they think, really ? Play their game their way and you are their type of conservative.
    The Culture of R.I.N.O. is thriving well in Blount County. Is there a mathematical equation which could scientifically reveal that a R.I.N.O. culture of politicians is a sign of too much inbreeding ?
    Just Wondering !

    • It is 100% pitiful that a lot of qualified local election candidates were given the boot after January 21st, 2009; and even more despicable for the reasons why.

      Blount county has been (R) since a long tyme ago, but it’s ridiculous, as of late, to assume an (R) is fiscally conservative. Unfortunately, a large majority of the local election voting public voted, with no idea who or what the candidates stood for, much less their record of service to the county.

      TN’s policy of having important local elections out of sequence with federal elections, is another prime example of how the “machine” manipulates results (not to forgive the voter who only shows up once every 4 years).

  5. Money and local political support has more influence on how people vote than does a candidate’s position on issues.

  6. Amazing the “Corrupt Machine” can only blame Ms Monroe for all their problems. I admire the courage it takes to what is right and stand by your promises to the tax payers who are always forgotten until its time to get the lies together at election time. Ms Monroe is not a “Sheep” 75% of the commissioners are huddling sheep following their leader. Government is out of control and I hate being lied to like the Mayor and Sheriff have done. When a sheep leaves the fold they are the heroes for the taxpayers. Ms Monroe and her “useless followers” which they have been called by a prominent Republican who sits on the commission is not fooling anyone. The constitutents of Ms Monroe and her “useless followers are very proud of their representation. May God Bless you Ms Monroe and keep you safe.

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