“War Hero” and the “independent” GOPe candidate

by Horatio Bunce

Photo: Theconservativetreehouse.com

Photo: Theconservativetreehouse.com


1. Abu Mosa – ISIS Press Officer

2. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – Head of ISIS

3. John McAmnesty -“War Hero” and ISIS founder/Benghazi arms dealer

4. Muahmmad Noor – Syrian Terrorist

5. Mouaz Moustafa – Syrian Emergency Task Force

Circled left: Adam Kinzinger – ISIS illegal arms sales rep and Fox News war hawk

Circled Right: Evan McMullin – ISIS illegal arms sales rep and GOPe fake independent candidate

The Emerging Connections Between The Muslim Brotherhood and “Never Trump”…

Watch as Kinzinger (as McMullin walks past) lies to you about Assad creating “the situation we see as ISIS today” and throws in the persecuting Christians angle for us dumb “evangelicals”:

2 thoughts on ““War Hero” and the “independent” GOPe candidate

  1. There are many traitors and morons in congress. Adam Kinzinger looks like another John McCain in the making. Lets hope he doesn’t last as long in congress.

    Is number 1 wearing a shirt that says “no war generation” while standing next to John McCain?

  2. Does going to Persia and raising mortal “H” with them, help or hurt the Ayatollahs. Think it through, and hope and pray that Prez Trump does NOT reverse our current Persian policies; for peace with Persia is the key to our exodus from Afghanistan/Pakistan.

    Monica Lewinski’s ex-boyfriend’s wife vote to open the gates of Hoelle in Iraq in 2003, unlocking the door in the Shi’a vs Sunni religious war; should keep her from ever living at 1600 Penn Ave again.

    War is too profitable for the chosen few, and will forever be a threat to this country & its precious resources. Tuesday, Novembre 8 will be fright night for all.

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