Pastor and The Daily Times editor Buzz Trexler compares Christian belief to penguin sex

The press has many important functions that can be invaluable.  As such, it’s important to know the people who are doing the reporting as it can give insight into the mindsets and biases that occur in journalism.

Buzz Trexler is the pastor at Green Meadow United Methodist Church and an editor at The Daily Times.  His blog/website can help readers glean information about his approach to journalism and preaching.

There you will find that he preached a sermon at the Friendsville United Methodist Church entitled, “Christian Belief Is Like Penguin Sex.”

And that folks is who is editing your daily source of written news in the Bible belt.

3 thoughts on “Pastor and The Daily Times editor Buzz Trexler compares Christian belief to penguin sex

  1. I understand you received a copy of that sermon. Did you actually listen to it? Probably not. I am proud of Mr. Trexler and his contributions to Blount County and to the United Methodist Church. So take you terrible try at demonizing an amazing person, and try to be a better person.

    • Actually, Meagan, I don’t know whether she heard the audio file of the sermon. A copy of the manuscript was requested by County Commissioner Karen Miller’s husband, Keith Miller, in November 2016. I don’t make it a practice of passing around manuscripts of my sermons, which by and large are not prepared for publication; however, I happened to record it one time and posted that with a link and emailed that link to Mr. Miller, whom I suspect is in fairly regular contact with Commissioner Monroe. However, thanks for your support.

  2. As much as I would like to lay claim to such original thinking, “Christian Belief is Like Penguin Sex” was inspired by a chapter in Donald Miller’s book, “Blue Like Jazz.” But by all means, go to and check out my words! There you will find interviews with contemporary Christian artists, columns, accounts of medical mission trips to Guatemala and Estonia, general musings about faith, politics, remembrances, family, yadda-yadda-yadda. Also, be sure to check out The Pastor’s Buzz at and, which is essentially a blog about section hiking The Appalachian Trail with my two more-than-fairly conservative Baptist brothers in Christ. Better yet, come worship with Meadow Folk, 10:30 Sundays, at Green Meadow United Methodist Church, 1633 Louisville Road, Alcoa, TN. Find us on the web at, and All are welcome! If you are interested in the sermon, or want to know more about Jesus Christ, email me. It’s been said that you should preach with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other … Grace and peace. ‘Nuff said.

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