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Commissioner Mike Caylor Admits He Broke Commission Rule & Says He’d Do It Again!

At the May 23, 2011 Blount County Commission Rules Ad Hoc Committee, Commissoner Monika Murrell proposed a rule change to address lack of decorum Commissioners demonstrated toward each other during the past several months.  It was decided by the Rules Committee that her concerns were addressed in another part of the Rule and the matter was not voted on.

The alarming part occured when Commissioner Mike Caylor admitted that he broke a Commission Rule and that he would do it again.  Commissioner Murrell played the role of peacemaker by informing Caylor that her proposed rule change was not directed at him personally and he showed no remorse or willingness to not repeat the same actions in the future.  Chairman Kenneth Melton, who allowed Caylors interruption during Commissioner Jim Folts’ questioning of Assistant Chief Depty Jeff French, was sitting in the Mayor seat listening to the discussion.

You can listen to the entire debate on this matter at the 1 hour 31 minute mark here: