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Senator Art Swann is trying to ban talking on cell phone while driving

Art Swann, Tennessee State Senator from Blount County, is trying to ban talking on cell phones while driving.  Simply talking on your cell while driving is not in and of itself a danger, excluding the health effects from radiation.

People use their hands while talking to passengers and driving every day.  Should that activity be criminalized as well since it involves using our hands and talking while driving?

The state of Tennessee already has a distracted driving law.  That is sufficient to stop people who pose a danger.

The very fact that legislation is being discussed to criminalize what is usually safe activity means that most cops don’t view driving while talking on your cell phone as dangerous activity.  If they did, they’d be charging people with distracted driving.  Safe activity shouldn’t be criminalized.




These bills will be heard by the Finance Ways and Means Committees of both houses next week.  Please encourage the members to vote against these bills.  You can find the members here:



State Representative Bob Ramsey, also from Blount County, is a cosponsor of the house legislation.

Let freedom ring!

State prison inmate cost is $76 a day while TN pays counties $37 a day

According to the Tennessee Department of Corrections, the average daily cost to house an inmate in state prison is $76 a day.  That is more than twice what the state pays counties to house state felons.  The state currently pays counties a daily per diem of $37.  It’s no wonder that the state is content with letting their felons be housed in local jails.  It makes their costs lower, their books look better and it frees up more money to spend elsewhere.

But don’t worry the state is here to help local governments out by increasing the daily per diem rate for housing state felons in local jails to $39 a day.  That’s a whopping $2 daily increase.  Never mind that, at $39 a day, the state still averages saving $37 a day.*  State lawmakers and officials need to be able brag about being good stewards of taxpayer money by keeping the state budget lower and having a $2 billion surplus of your money.

Some good news: statewide recidivism was down in 2016.

Source: http://tn.gov/correction/news/49926

*The cost savings to the state may be less in counties with a contract for state sentenced felons.

Reps. Bob Ramsey, Art Swann & Senator Doug Overbey vote to raise gas tax

Blount County’s state legislators aren’t exactly know for fiscal conservatism or advocating liberty.  They’re supporters of big government.  It’s not surprising to see Tennessee Representative Bob Ramsey, Representative Art Swann and Senator Doug Overbey vote to raise the gas tax and tag renewal fees.

The increase on a tag renewal for non-commercial vehicles is $5.  The sales tax on food will reduce by 1%.  That means that a two car family will have to spend $1,000 on groceries to break even on the new legislation.  A three car family will have to spend more than $1,500 to see any savings and that doesn’t include the gas tax increase.  The state tax on gasoline will increase 6 cents per gallon over 3 years and diesel will increase 10 cents over three years.

Pay close attention to your local officials.  All three of these men were Blount County Commissioners prior to being elected to state office.

Senator Doug Overbey and Representative Art Swann are nonresponsive

Some years back, prior to be elected to serve as a county commissioner, I (Tona Monroe) asked Senator Doug Overbey to obtain an opinion from the Tennessee Attorney General.  He declined saying that that he felt that AG’s opinions should be used to answer questions that local government officials have.  His response told me that he doesn’t give a flip what the people he is elected to serve want but I had hoped that after my election to local government that Overbey would be responsive to my requests for information and ideas for reform.  He isn’t.

I can’t recall him responding to anything that I have sent him since taking office in September 2014.  He did find the time to send me a letter during his campaign for reelection saying he hoped that he had earned my support.

Overbey spends his time catering to his wealthy donors and attending social events.  He represents the elite.  He is a career politician floating in the swamp of Nashville.

The people of Tennessee failed to drain the swap in Nashville during the primary elections in August.  Voter turnout was very low.  The election was lost in the drama and media coverage of federal politics.  I encourage everyone to pay more attention to state and local politics.

Representative Art Swann doesn’t respond either.  Rep. Bob Ramsey does respond to some things but never offers to work toward any reform that will improve local government.

Senator Doug Overbey: sen.doug.overbey@capitol.tn.gov  850-9411
Representative Bob Ramsey: rep.bob.ramsey@capitol.tn.gov  984-8124
Representative Art Swann: rep.art.swann@capitol.tn.gov  982-6811

Doug Overbey’s jobs claims haven’t materialized into better pay for his district

By now, those of you who vote have received your latest glossy mailer of the week from State Senator Doug Overbey entitled “Doug Overbey Focuses on Jobs.”  This looks like a brag sheet produced by the Blount Partnership with the name Doug Overbey inserted in its place.

Overbey is taking credit for crony deals using your money.  The IDB gave the farm away, literally, to get AMI here.  Some of these jobs are expansions from companies that are already heavily invested in the community.  While the Blount Partnership, Governor Bill Haslam and Doug Overbey are taking credit for Cirrus Aircraft moving in, they aren’t telling you about the better paying jobs that have and will likely continuing leaving the airport.

What about all the small business that create jobs but don’t get any special tax incentives like these crony deals given to bigger companies?  Overbey, like most Republicans, would probably claim to support economic liberty.  A free market wouldn’t favor specials interests and provide corporate welfare.  A free market would provide a level playing field for all to compete on.

A better measure of a politician’s success would be jobs created without special deals.  A strong economy wouldn’t require special tax breaks for a few connected companies, so that politicians like Overbey can brag about giving the farm away, using your money, to attract jobs.

If Overbey has done such a great job of “creating an environment that’s bringing thousands [of] quality jobs to the people of Blount and Sevier Counties”, during his time as state senator, then pay should be increasing at or above the rate of inflation.  It is not.

According to the East Tennessee Index, Blount County was the only county in the region where pay was below the rate of inflation in 2013.  In 2014, Sevier County joined Blount County as the only other county in the region where pay isn’t keeping up with the rate of inflation.  These two counties are Overbey’s district.

The next time you hear Overbey and the Blount Partnership tout jobs, take it with a grain of salt.  Neither are worth their salt.

Vote for Scott Williams for State Senator in the Republican Primary on August 4th.

It’s a ‘fine’ day and night in Blount County and throughout Tennessee

Well the Tennessee General Assembly just voted to raise the seatbelt fine from $10 to $25.  This is a great way for Republicans to enrich public treasuries without ‘raising taxes’.  It’s no surprise that Blount County’s 3 nanny $tati$t $upported the tax… err fine.  Good Ole’ Big Government Bob Ramsey, Art Swann and Doug Overbey.

Here in Blount County the Commi$$ion just took an unconstitutional grant for nighttime $eatbelt demo.  Buckle up, or you will find out what a ‘fine’ place Blount County is to live, especially since the federal government and the Tenne$$ee General A$$embly made $ure that you’ll be adding more to the public trea$ury if you don’t.

State mandated pay raises for local elected officals

The State of Tennessee is mandating that General Sessions judges be given pay raises.  General Sessions judges are already the highest paid officals in Blount County government at $158,795.75.  They are the last people in government who need pay raises.  Other elected officals are not receiving mandated pay raises thankfully.

If you want to stop the state mandated pay raises, for the wealthiest in Blount County government, contact state elected officials.
Rep. Bob Ramsey: rep.bob.ramsey@capitol.tn.gov  (615) 741-3560
Rep. Art Swann: rep.art.swann@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-5481
Senator Doug Overbey: sen.doug.overbey@capitol.tn.gov (615) 741-0981

Triple the compensation for State legislature

Gee, this comes as a big surprise.  State legislators get triple what their actual pay is.  The State legislature must have been watching Commissioners Gary Farmer, Kenneth Melton and Bob Ramsey who voted to triple their pay without having Commissioner pay raises on the Commission agenda.  Bob Ramsey got promoted to the State legislature in all his glorious stupidity.

It’s time to throw out career politicians Gary Farmer and Kenneth Melton.  If you live in Commission District 4, please vote for Neal Hutchens and if you live in District 10 (Louisville) write-in Larry Henry for Seat B.


Bob Ramsey’s responses to jokes and real issues are often the same

Last week I wrote Bob Ramsey about radioactive polonium in hydrofluorosilicic acid.  Here’s the response that I received.

“After reading the article, I am forwarding it to our health staff for evaluation. Thanks”

From: Tona
Sent: Monday, February 10, 2014 7:18 PM
Subject: Radiation poisoning from hydrofluorosilicic acid

Hello Rep. Bob Ramsey D.D.S.,
Do you still support poisoning us against our will when the crap (hydrofluorsilic acid) being dumped in our water is contaminated with radioactive polonium?


Seriously, what else would it take being found in this industrial waste for you to say the benefit of possibly preventing some tooth decay (which actually makes it harder to see tooth decay on x-rays) is out weighed by all the harmful CRAP that comes with it?  Would people have to turn neon green first and grow a 3rd physical eye before you no longer claim your saving their teeth by poisoning them?

Let freedom ring!

Last year, I wrote a satirical email to Rep. Bob Ramsey regarding chocolate being more effective than chemicals containing fluoride in protecting teeth.  I received the following response:

“We are looking for the same results, less decay. This may be a good avenue to that end, and I have sent the suggestion to our staff as well as the TDA administration. Thanks”

Sent from my iPad

As you can see, he forwards it to others, not taking a position either time.

Here’s the response that Richard Hutchens received from Ramsey regarding UT’s Sex Week last year.

Richard Hutchens recently wrote Representative Ramsey on a couple of issues.  Ramsey’s response and Hutchens’ initial email are included fyi.


It is totally worthless sending a well written, well thought out e-mail to Bob.
He doesn’t read them
From: rep.bob.ramsey@capitol.tn.gov
To: Richard Hutchens
Subject: Re: Please Co-Sponsor End of Forced Annexation in TN Act
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2014 03:21:27 +0000
Sent from my iPad
On Feb 13, 2014, at 6:06 AM, “Richard Hutchens”  wrote:
Rep. Ramsey and Senator Overby
Three Fundamental Principles of our Constitutional form of Govt. are:
1.   Sovereignty resides with the citizens
2.  Governments are instituted among men to secure their unalienable rights…
3.  Legitimate Governments derive their just Powers from Consent of the Governed.
As my Representatives, Please protect your Constituents God Given and Constitutional Protected Rights to these above principles by Co-Sponsoring HB 2371 and  vote for the End of Forced Annexation in TN Act (EFATA).


The recent political edition of why did the chicken cross the road joke, in which I added my own response, was posted on Stacey Campfield’s blog.  You can see Bob’s thoughtful response.


Last year when Richard Hutchens sent Bob Ramsey concerning the problems with the Blount County Republican Party, he received the same response.


Perhaps you see a pattern in these responses.





Response regarding UT Sex Week

This is the response that I received from Rep. Bob Ramsey.  My follow-up is on top of the response, so you may wish to work your way up, rather than down.  No UT official’s name was provided, which I assume was redacted by Bob.

Thanks Bob.

What exactly are student speaker fees?  Who pays these fees?  Are students, who don’t support this, required to pay fees which ultimately contribute to funding this filth?

Are members of the public, free to use the University of Tennessee campus to promote any filth they desire, so long as the filth isn’t illegal activities?

Let freedom ring!


—–Original Message—–
From: “Bob Ramsey” <rep.bob.ramsey@capitol.tn.gov> Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 6:26pm
To: Tona
Subject: RE: University of Tennessee – Public university Sex Week to teach masturbation, when orgasms are a ‘political act’

It seems the University of Tennessee shares the concerns of citizens and members of this legislative body with regards to how sex week has been portrayed and marketed to the public as an event funded by tax dollars.
I have taken the liberty of attaching the correspondence sent to me by The University of Tennessee regarding Sex Week at UT Knoxville. I hope this satisfies any questions you may have.
Representative Ramsey:
Thank you for your message concerning your constituent’s questions regarding Sex Week at UTK – an event organized and hosted by students at our Knoxville Campus.  After reviewing some of the information referred to by your constituent, I share the same feeling and concern about the appropriateness of some of the marketing materials and promotions.
I have verified that no state appropriations, tuition monies, or tax dollars have been committed or will be used in any aspect of the event.  All funds will be derived from grants to promote personal responsibility and awareness, student speaker fees, and private funds, some of which will be raised by the student organizations sponsoring the event.
As you know, the First Amendment restricts the ability of the University administration to direct or influence the spending of student speaker fee monies.  Additionally, the University cannot prevent registered student organizations from using university facilities for these events.  However, I can assure you that the University has done all that the First Amendment allows it to do in this circumstance.
Again, I understand and appreciate you and your constituent’s concerns and likewise appreciate your continued support of The University of Tennessee.
Rep. Matlock has brought legislation HB2450 Education, Higher – As introduced, prohibits use of institutional revenues, including student activity fees, to engage visiting or guest speakers for events at public institutions of higher education. – Amends TCA Title 49, Chapter 7; Title 49, Chapter 8 and Title 49, Chapter 9.

Time to Mandate Chocolate* in our Drinking Water

Dear Representative Bob Ramsey DDS,

Research recently demonstrated that chocolate* does better at re-mineralizing teeth than fluoride.

Will you sponsor a bill to mandate chocolate in our drinking water?  Or at the very minimum will you badger the people at water utility districts, until they cave, into putting chocolate in our drinking water?


If you are really concerned about the dental health of kids that don’t brush their teeth, you should mandate that we are forcibly medicated with chocolate.  Just think, there will be less PMS, and migraines and great romance, side effects you won’t get for compelled fluoridation medication.  Furthermore, you can use tax dollars to purchase chocolate to give out at schools, since parents are too stupid to feed their kids chocolate at home.  All the poor little kids who’s parents can’t afford chocolate for them, will finally enjoy one of lifes greatest indulgences.

I await your response on this great health discovery and the bureaucratic plan to provide chocolate for everyone since we have to use government force to protect people from tooth decay.

Let freedom ring!

Tona Monroe


*Theobromine is not technically chocolate, but one compound that naturally occurs in chocolate.  While I make note of this, it shouldn’t matter to dentist and fluoride myrmidons who call a plethora of toxic chemicals “fluoride” and force them on people.

Rep. Bob Ramsey gave Donation to State Rep. Convicted of Reckless Endangerment

Bob Ramsey, a State Representative from Blount County, gave money to Representative David Hawk after Hawk’s altercation with his wife in March 2012.  Hawks campaign 3rd Quarter 2012 campaign report shows Bob Ramsey donating $500 Hawks general election campaign on September 21, 2012.

Hawk was indicted in November 2012, shortly after Ramsey’s donation.  While all are to be consider innocent until proven guilty, Hawk was convicted of reckless endangerment in September of this year.  The jury hung on the assault charge.

Bob Ramsey needs to explain to the people of Blount County how much effort he made to examine the facts of this matter before his donation to David Hawk.  The people of Blount County need to ask themselves if they are content with having a legislator donating to someone found guilty of reckless endangerment with his wife.

If the report link above doesn’t work for you, visit this website and search for David B Hawk as a Republican and click the 2012 3rd Qt. report.  https://apps.tn.gov/tncamp-app/public/search.htm

Customers Expose Problems with SBCUD Fluoridation Survey


July 13, 2013

Ed Mitchell

Blount County Mayor
Blount County Courthouse
341 Court Streets
Maryville, TN 37803-5906

Re:  Letters of Protest Against the Unfair SBCUD Fluoridated Water Ballot Initiative Official Investigation & Action Requests

Dear Mayor Mitchell,

Please find enclosed “letters of protest” on the above-mentioned subject.  Also included is the biased “pro-fluoride” promotional flyer used to influence and corrupt the SBCUD water customer’s vote.  It is obvious that unethical political influences were involved, and not fairness with regard to the water customer’s rights to a have a FAIR “fluoridated water ballot initiative”.

I would like to refresh your memory about a previous ballot issue to vote whether to PUT fluoride in an un-fluoridated water supply at that time. This happened about 7 years ago when SBCUD opened their new treatment plant. The customers were able to use their water bill as a ballot with a place to vote on it, and could be considered both verifiable and auditable.

There were no biased promotional influences to tell the water customers how to vote!  The “NO” votes against “fluoridated water” won by a majority of 2-1. So this should tell you that the SBCUD water customers overwhelming did NOT want toxic “fluoride” chemicals in their water supply.

Unfortunately, the most recent “fluoridated water ballot initiative” was handled quite differently!
I believe that this is a very critical issue that involved unethical actions committed by the South Blount County Utility District/Board of Commissioners (Virginia Morton, Tom Abbott, Ray Evans), and Mr. Henry Durant, District Manager. I am referring to their violations as follows:

(1)   Violated their policy to remain “NEUTRAL” i.e., NOT to influence the SBCUD water customer’s vote.  Mr. Ray Evans, SBCUD Commissioner used his official title (along with Tom Bickers, Mayor of Louisville, and John Osborn, DDS/President TN Dental Association), to send a biased “fluoridated water” promotional flyer to 14,200 SBCUD water customers.

(2)   Violated their policy “not to have ACCESS” to the ballots.  Mr. Durant reportedly had access to 100 extra “blank” ballots to hand out at the SBCUD office, and supposedly 15 ballots were handed out to any one who asked.  The protest presenters were not given any documentation to the number of the extra ballots, or to verify who these ballots were given to and why.

(3)   The ballots did not include the customer’s name and account number in order to be verified and conduct an official audit of the votes, and therefore should be considered invalid. Many customers received more than one ballot.

(4)   Incorrect information was used on the ballot to deceive the water customers by not using the correct name of the “fluoride” chemicals added to the water supply, i.e. hydrofluorisilicic acid; a toxic waste product proven to have hazardous health affects (see attached documentation).

(5)   A biased “pro-fluoridated water” promotional flyer was sent to 14,200 SBCUD water customers that asked them to keep “fluoride” in their water.  They wouldn’t choose to drink “fluoridated water” if they knew hydrofluorisilicic acid was used and also known as a toxic waste chemical.

The artificial fluoride, aka: hydrofluorisilicic acid is considered a “drug” by definition and NOT approved by the FDA. This unapproved drug is a so-called “medical additive” and not a “treatment” like the use of chlorine to kill harmful bacteria.  Current EPA information lists “fluoride” as having “Substantial Evidence of Developmental Neurotoxicity” aka: brain damage! (see attached documentation)

To say that “one dose fits all” on ingesting copious quantities of harmful “fluoride” chemicals without personal medical supervision is totally irresponsible, and permits deliberate harm to people of all ages, including animals. There is absolutely NO way a municipal water district can monitor the levels of “fluoride” that an individual person or animal consumes in order to be deemed safe.

People already have the right to choose topical applications of “fluoride” to their teeth, and don’t need to swallow it!  There is “poison warnings” on children’s toothpaste to call the local poison control center immediately if they swallow the “fluoridated” toothpaste.  What about ALL the many people who wear false teeth – do they need to ingest “fluoridated water” for dental health?

Before a licensed medical professional prescribes a pharmaceutical drug for their patient, they conduct physical exams, obtain the patient’s medical history, determine allergies, and check current medications they’re on.  Urine and blood tests are also done to verify their health condition, and also to monitor possible harmful “side-effects” from the prescribed pharmaceuticals. The correct dosage is also prescribed based on age, height and weight.

When the prescription is purchased, a licensed pharmacist also monitors any harmful interaction issues with the combining of incompatible pharmaceuticals. The patient is also provided an information sheet with the prescribed drug, and it discloses possible harmful side-effects and allergic reaction warnings. What about the many people who take “fluoridated” pharmaceuticals, such as anti-depressant drugs like Prozac!  What about harmful overdoses by using this type of “fluoride” chemical and the consumption of fluoridated water?

With all due respect Mayor Mitchell, these safety precautions are not provided to municipal water customers!  Neither you nor the SBCUD Board of Commissioners are licensed medical professionals. It is illegal to practice “medicine” without a license! You do not provide licensed medical care to monitor the water customer for harmful “fluoride” side-effects, and/or allergic reactions. This could be considered a violation of our civil rights to refuse unlicensed medical treatment, and the use of an unapproved “drug” by the FDA.

I would like to respectively request that you perform an Official Investigation with appropriate actions based on the above-mentioned violations by the SBCUD Board of Commissioners and Mr. Durant, and for the following reasons:

(1)  In spite of the majority of protests voiced on the above-mentioned violations at the SBCUD board meeting on July 2nd, the board went ahead “unashamedly” and officially declared the “YES” votes to be “valid” and to continue “fluoridated water”. There was a narrow margin of only 84 votes that had a right to be challenged, considering the ballot initiative was corrupted!

This official decision should also be considered totally unethical based on their approval of a corrupted ballot initiative. They ignored a major protest in front of all the news media that were present, and it was a blatant insult to its water customers. Thankfully, Channel 6 news presented a fair and balanced report to a large viewing audience, and documented this unethical behavior.

(2)  I consider your responsibility as Mayor to be the official overseer of all the actions taken by the SBCUD Board of Commissioners, who you personally appointed. Any unethical behavior deserves to be officially dealt with, and the necessary corrective actions carried out accordingly. You were elected by your constituents, and the SBCUD Board of Commissioners were not.

May I suggest that the most ethical and fair position to take would be to overturn the board’s decision on this corrupted ballot initiative, and order another ballot initiative with absolute restrictions to NOT influence the water customer’s vote – any violations would disqualify the ballot initiative.
The water customer’s bill should be used as a ballot to verify their name and account number, and provide a self-addressed envelope to mail this ballot to another neutral accounting firm, who would also make the official announcement of the results to the media first and not the SBCUD board.

(3)   Mr. Ray Evans should be required to resign due to his violation of the board’s NEUTRAL policy on the “fluoridated water ballot initiative”. He misused his official title by sending out a biased “pro-fluoride” flyer to all 14,200 SBCUD water customers, instructing them to vote YES to continue using “fluoride” in their water supply – this was a major point of corruption.

In all fairness, another commissioner should be appointed to replace Mr. Evans; one that holds an “un-fluoridated water” opinion – someone like Linda King or Joe Gallagher just to name a couple of people. The SBCUD water customers deserve fair and balanced representation on the “fluoridated water” issue. Your campaign promise was to replace the entire board!

I hope you will choose to make the most ethical decisions possible, and consider what your “honorable” legacy as the Mayor of Blount County will be on this issue. It is my understanding that you have violated your “campaign promises” dealing with the fluoridated water issue. Therefore, you should consider the SBCUD water customer’s right to have another FAIR “fluoridated water” ballot initiative – with NO corrupt promotional influence. This would be the most honorable thing to do.
Thank you for your considerations and actions in this important matter. I look forward to hearing a response at your earliest convenience.


Dee Ann Martini
Blount County Citizens for Safe Drinking Water
Maryville, TN 37803

Local Rag goes out of it’s way to make activist look bad

Mayor Bickers threatened?  Where are the police reports documenting the threats?  Bob Ramsey claimed the same thing when running for State Rep. saying he’d received death threats.

Death threats are a serious matter.  If these politicians have had their lives threatened they should report that to the Sheriff’s Dept.  Berrong will take good care of them and they’ll vote the way he tells them.

The Daily Times goes out of it’s way to investigate those challenging the status quo, but makes no effort to see if any of these alleged threats are legitimate.



Bob Ramsey: Present and not Voting HB0702


Bob Ramsey is a gutless wonder.  It appears that his attorney and government employee friends forgot to tell him how to vote on this one.  Or, he may have actually had an opinion that differed and lacked the courage to vote.

Exploratory laparoscopic surgery may do some good because it might determine if he actually has guts and a spine.


Representative Bob Ramsey’s Response to UT Sex Week

Start from the bottom and work your way up to follow the chronological communication.  Bob Ramsey’s response consisted of exactly 3 words to his constituent.  I also sent an email to Ramsey, but thus far he has not responded to my email.  Senator Doug Overbey responded timely by passing the buck to a University of Tennessee representative for a response.  I received no response from the UT rep and Doug Overbey has not followed up.


More Thoughtful, Statesmanlike strong positions
made by our esteemed State Rep, Bob Ramsey.
Ya, but what did you do about it Bob, before the “controversy” was over?

From: rep.bob.ramsey@capitol.tn.gov
To: Richard Hutchens
Subject: RE: I strongly object to UT’s Sex Week
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2013 21:27:58 +0000

We all object.

From: Richard Hutchens
Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2013 1:06 PM
To: utpresident@tennessee.edu
Cc: Art Swann; Bob Ramsey; Doug Overbey; Bill Haslam
Subject: I strongly object to UT’s Sex Week

I strongly object to the entire concept of the University of Tennessee spending student funds on sponsoring a “Golden Condom Scavenger Hunt” and an “interactive workshop” from self-described “lesbian BDSM
 (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism) expert” Sinclair Sexsmith.
I want you to know that I am writing my state Legislatures encouraging them to withdraw all State Funding of your University, if this is the type of activities representative of what UT is teaching our kids.
Richard Hutchens

How to shove fluoride on poor kids

At about the one hour 20 minute mark of today’s house floor session, Representative Susan Lynn speaks out against dental fluorosis.

You can listen to it here under archived videos legislative House session day 18:

Advance to the 1 hr. 20 mark to save a lot of time.
The pro-fluoride dentist Ramsey speaks and Hill glosses over the fluoride issue.

This is how you shove fluoride on kids by doing it in the name of helping the poor kids get dental care.

Only John DeBerry and Lynn voted against.  Speaker Harwell shows herself to be the hypocrite that she is, by voting to shove fluoride on them in the name of cleaning their teeth.


Letter to Business and Utilities Chairman Art Swann on Fluoridation Referendum Bill HB1186

Dear Chairman Swann,
As a Blount Countian, I feel as though I have little to no representation in Nashville.  I have thought that you were better than Bob Ramsey and Doug Overbey who are dyed in the wool career politicians and because you are a small business owner and understand that red tape kills small businesses.

Doug Overbey use to respond to my emails when he was a Representative but as soon as he because a Senator his head became to big to respond other than once in a blue moon.  Big Government Bob Ramsey is pathetic.  He rarely responds and when he does, a elementary school kid could write a better response.  3 Representatives have joked or said very sharp things about Ramsey when I’ve had conversations with them about how he is so wishy washy and doesn’t take a stand on anything useful.  Harwell loves him, but those with principles don’t.  She’s a hypocrite, going around talking about how bad fluoride is, then donating the maximum allowable limit by law to ensure that the dentist is strongly for forcing us to have fluoridation is reelected.  Even the former Chairman and the Vice Chairman of the Blount County Republican Party in separate conversations told me that Bob is lazy.  The people of Blount County can’t depend on Bob or Doug to assist them on anything.

I did believe that you were different, but I am not so sure anymore.  Your failure to cosponsor HB1186 when a constituent of yours asked you to, when the bill doesn’t require you to take a position on fluoride is absurd.  You know that utilities deserve stricter scrutiny than regular businesses because they are given government granted monopolies.  All HB1186 does is let the people have a voice where they have none with unelected boards that are so closed looped that they get to choose the nominees for the mayor to make his appointment from.

This isn’t even a difficult bill.  It just says the people can decide if they wish to continue being poisoned.  It’s a sad day for Blount County and Tennesseans when their legislators resist them against simple bills like this.  It doesn’t commit the State to spend anything and it doesn’t commit you to having to take a stand.  It passes the buck to the people, where it rightfully belongs.

Stand for freedom.  Don’t be Bob or Doug.  Blount County deserves at least one elected official who stands for something beyond the status quo in Nashville.

Vote for HB1186 and encourage your Committee members to support it as well.

Also, vote for HB373.  So as not to write a treatise, I’ll give you one good reason to vote for it.  I want you to.  I have the right to determine what is on my house and what isn’t and I don’t want a smart meter.  You were elected by the people, not the utility companies.  Support the smart meter bill because the people deserve to choose whether they want one of these contraptions or not.  I don’t and that’s all this bill does is says I don’t have to have one.

Both of these bills are necessary because of unaccountable utilities created by governments who set them up with very little accountability.  It’s time to demand some accountability to the customers.

Let freedom ring!