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Public Meeting on Feb 5th that Was by Invitation Only

Friends & Concerned Citizens,

On Tues. night there was a Republican meeting at the Blount County Library.  This is what one of our patriots has posted on facebook:  “Today a large number of grassroots Republicans showed up at the reorganization meeting of the Blount County Party.  About 75 or so of the local elites, most of them you know, were the ones that got to make all of the decision about who is going to be in power in this county.  They met in private, even though their own bylaws state the meeting is supposed to be open to the public and advertised in the paper of record.  They denied fellow Republicans including a former state senator and sitting county commissioner entrance into the meeting, even though their own bylaws state anyone who has voted in 3 of the last 5 Republican primaries is eligible to vote in the meeting. Judges, who were part of the decision making process, suddenly left this meeting in the presence of so many people and at least one camera.  Do you ever wonder why government operates in secret?  The parties operate in secret. Well, the secret is up.  More will be coming soon.”

Wayne and I were there in the hallway so experienced this firsthand and saw it with our own eyes.  Do you ever wonder why we’re sick of incumbent or career politicians?  We have our share of them here in Blount County and it’s past time to get involved as the taxpaying citizens of this county and tell them we want “openness and accountability” for our hard earned money. Thanks for listening and you are invited to the next “Citizens for Blount County’s Future” meeting on Tues. Feb. 19th at 6:30 pm at the Blount County Library.  Linda King is the leader and is very thorough.  You are strongly needed as a patriot in our community!

Judy Rollins

Blount County Republican Party Excludes Commissioner Jim Folts From It’s Website


As far as I can tell, the rest of the elected officials are listed.  If there is an office excluded, it still appears that the exclusion of Commissioner Folts is deliberate, because all the other 20 Commissioners are listed.  Why is Commissioner Folts excluded?

In case they ever do list Commissioner Jim Folts, here’s a screen shot taken May 22, 2011.  Commissioner Folts emailed them around this time inquiring why, but over 9 months later, he is still not listed as an elected office holder on the local GOP website.