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Customers Expose Problems with SBCUD Fluoridation Survey


July 13, 2013

Ed Mitchell

Blount County Mayor
Blount County Courthouse
341 Court Streets
Maryville, TN 37803-5906

Re:  Letters of Protest Against the Unfair SBCUD Fluoridated Water Ballot Initiative Official Investigation & Action Requests

Dear Mayor Mitchell,

Please find enclosed “letters of protest” on the above-mentioned subject.  Also included is the biased “pro-fluoride” promotional flyer used to influence and corrupt the SBCUD water customer’s vote.  It is obvious that unethical political influences were involved, and not fairness with regard to the water customer’s rights to a have a FAIR “fluoridated water ballot initiative”.

I would like to refresh your memory about a previous ballot issue to vote whether to PUT fluoride in an un-fluoridated water supply at that time. This happened about 7 years ago when SBCUD opened their new treatment plant. The customers were able to use their water bill as a ballot with a place to vote on it, and could be considered both verifiable and auditable.

There were no biased promotional influences to tell the water customers how to vote!  The “NO” votes against “fluoridated water” won by a majority of 2-1. So this should tell you that the SBCUD water customers overwhelming did NOT want toxic “fluoride” chemicals in their water supply.

Unfortunately, the most recent “fluoridated water ballot initiative” was handled quite differently!
I believe that this is a very critical issue that involved unethical actions committed by the South Blount County Utility District/Board of Commissioners (Virginia Morton, Tom Abbott, Ray Evans), and Mr. Henry Durant, District Manager. I am referring to their violations as follows:

(1)   Violated their policy to remain “NEUTRAL” i.e., NOT to influence the SBCUD water customer’s vote.  Mr. Ray Evans, SBCUD Commissioner used his official title (along with Tom Bickers, Mayor of Louisville, and John Osborn, DDS/President TN Dental Association), to send a biased “fluoridated water” promotional flyer to 14,200 SBCUD water customers.

(2)   Violated their policy “not to have ACCESS” to the ballots.  Mr. Durant reportedly had access to 100 extra “blank” ballots to hand out at the SBCUD office, and supposedly 15 ballots were handed out to any one who asked.  The protest presenters were not given any documentation to the number of the extra ballots, or to verify who these ballots were given to and why.

(3)   The ballots did not include the customer’s name and account number in order to be verified and conduct an official audit of the votes, and therefore should be considered invalid. Many customers received more than one ballot.

(4)   Incorrect information was used on the ballot to deceive the water customers by not using the correct name of the “fluoride” chemicals added to the water supply, i.e. hydrofluorisilicic acid; a toxic waste product proven to have hazardous health affects (see attached documentation).

(5)   A biased “pro-fluoridated water” promotional flyer was sent to 14,200 SBCUD water customers that asked them to keep “fluoride” in their water.  They wouldn’t choose to drink “fluoridated water” if they knew hydrofluorisilicic acid was used and also known as a toxic waste chemical.

The artificial fluoride, aka: hydrofluorisilicic acid is considered a “drug” by definition and NOT approved by the FDA. This unapproved drug is a so-called “medical additive” and not a “treatment” like the use of chlorine to kill harmful bacteria.  Current EPA information lists “fluoride” as having “Substantial Evidence of Developmental Neurotoxicity” aka: brain damage! (see attached documentation)

To say that “one dose fits all” on ingesting copious quantities of harmful “fluoride” chemicals without personal medical supervision is totally irresponsible, and permits deliberate harm to people of all ages, including animals. There is absolutely NO way a municipal water district can monitor the levels of “fluoride” that an individual person or animal consumes in order to be deemed safe.

People already have the right to choose topical applications of “fluoride” to their teeth, and don’t need to swallow it!  There is “poison warnings” on children’s toothpaste to call the local poison control center immediately if they swallow the “fluoridated” toothpaste.  What about ALL the many people who wear false teeth – do they need to ingest “fluoridated water” for dental health?

Before a licensed medical professional prescribes a pharmaceutical drug for their patient, they conduct physical exams, obtain the patient’s medical history, determine allergies, and check current medications they’re on.  Urine and blood tests are also done to verify their health condition, and also to monitor possible harmful “side-effects” from the prescribed pharmaceuticals. The correct dosage is also prescribed based on age, height and weight.

When the prescription is purchased, a licensed pharmacist also monitors any harmful interaction issues with the combining of incompatible pharmaceuticals. The patient is also provided an information sheet with the prescribed drug, and it discloses possible harmful side-effects and allergic reaction warnings. What about the many people who take “fluoridated” pharmaceuticals, such as anti-depressant drugs like Prozac!  What about harmful overdoses by using this type of “fluoride” chemical and the consumption of fluoridated water?

With all due respect Mayor Mitchell, these safety precautions are not provided to municipal water customers!  Neither you nor the SBCUD Board of Commissioners are licensed medical professionals. It is illegal to practice “medicine” without a license! You do not provide licensed medical care to monitor the water customer for harmful “fluoride” side-effects, and/or allergic reactions. This could be considered a violation of our civil rights to refuse unlicensed medical treatment, and the use of an unapproved “drug” by the FDA.

I would like to respectively request that you perform an Official Investigation with appropriate actions based on the above-mentioned violations by the SBCUD Board of Commissioners and Mr. Durant, and for the following reasons:

(1)  In spite of the majority of protests voiced on the above-mentioned violations at the SBCUD board meeting on July 2nd, the board went ahead “unashamedly” and officially declared the “YES” votes to be “valid” and to continue “fluoridated water”. There was a narrow margin of only 84 votes that had a right to be challenged, considering the ballot initiative was corrupted!

This official decision should also be considered totally unethical based on their approval of a corrupted ballot initiative. They ignored a major protest in front of all the news media that were present, and it was a blatant insult to its water customers. Thankfully, Channel 6 news presented a fair and balanced report to a large viewing audience, and documented this unethical behavior.

(2)  I consider your responsibility as Mayor to be the official overseer of all the actions taken by the SBCUD Board of Commissioners, who you personally appointed. Any unethical behavior deserves to be officially dealt with, and the necessary corrective actions carried out accordingly. You were elected by your constituents, and the SBCUD Board of Commissioners were not.

May I suggest that the most ethical and fair position to take would be to overturn the board’s decision on this corrupted ballot initiative, and order another ballot initiative with absolute restrictions to NOT influence the water customer’s vote – any violations would disqualify the ballot initiative.
The water customer’s bill should be used as a ballot to verify their name and account number, and provide a self-addressed envelope to mail this ballot to another neutral accounting firm, who would also make the official announcement of the results to the media first and not the SBCUD board.

(3)   Mr. Ray Evans should be required to resign due to his violation of the board’s NEUTRAL policy on the “fluoridated water ballot initiative”. He misused his official title by sending out a biased “pro-fluoride” flyer to all 14,200 SBCUD water customers, instructing them to vote YES to continue using “fluoride” in their water supply – this was a major point of corruption.

In all fairness, another commissioner should be appointed to replace Mr. Evans; one that holds an “un-fluoridated water” opinion – someone like Linda King or Joe Gallagher just to name a couple of people. The SBCUD water customers deserve fair and balanced representation on the “fluoridated water” issue. Your campaign promise was to replace the entire board!

I hope you will choose to make the most ethical decisions possible, and consider what your “honorable” legacy as the Mayor of Blount County will be on this issue. It is my understanding that you have violated your “campaign promises” dealing with the fluoridated water issue. Therefore, you should consider the SBCUD water customer’s right to have another FAIR “fluoridated water” ballot initiative – with NO corrupt promotional influence. This would be the most honorable thing to do.
Thank you for your considerations and actions in this important matter. I look forward to hearing a response at your earliest convenience.


Dee Ann Martini
Blount County Citizens for Safe Drinking Water
Maryville, TN 37803