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Pay Raises for Judges

Senator Stacey Campfield seems to be the only one with any sense on the matter.  Judges are already overpaid.  They could go without pay raises for the next 10 years and still live much easier lives that most people.  If Judges have any integrity, they will refuses the raises to give the over taxed working people a break.  Let’s see if there’s even one among them willing to stop draining the taxpayers.


Senator Campfield weighs in on the fake Common Core “delay”

Copyright: Little Seed Productions

Copyright: Little Seed Productions

By Eric Holcombe

The “freeze”  of common core is all but useless.  The department says common core is fully implemented so to say you aren’t going to implement it any further is like saying you filled up your gas tank but you aren’t going to put any more gas in your tank.”

Couldn’t say it much better myself. Read the rest here.

For proof of what the Senator is claiming, watch the March 12, 2014 video proceedings of his bill SB1985 here.

The State Dept. of Education brings Steve Smith and Emily Barton (K-12 “lead” for PARCC, the no-bid, federally-mandated, overpriced testing arm created with Race To The Top money) to explain that Common Core is now already fully implemented. That means there is no “further implementation” to delay for two years.  They then use an appeal to fear (that’s a logical fallacy for the Common Core – educated out there) that if we don’t keep Common Core implemented, the state may be liable to the federal government for the $500+ million we fraudulently obtained through RTTT and have already spent.  I GUESS COMMON CORE ISN’T “STATE-LED” THEN IS IT?

They also claim great improvement on NAEP assessments last year due to Common Core.  A post on that false statement is forthcoming.


Letter to Senator Overbey regarding SB1849 4th Amendment Protection Act

Much more detailed information about the NSA is available that what you see below, but I’ve been short on time; therefore, I put this together regarding Senator Campfield’s SB1849 4th Amendment Protection Act.  I do not expect Senator Overbey to stand against the NSA and for the privacy of we the people.  He has never championed freedom, but I am willing to be pleasantly surprised.

Senator Overbey,

Support Senator Campfield’s 4th Amendment Protection Act.  The federal government is out of control, and the NSA is one of many ABC organizations that the federal government has failed to reign in.

Do you seriously trust Barack Obama to reign in the NSA?  In case you need a refresher, here are 545 Examples of Obama’s Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, & Cronyism


Listen to NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake here: http://www.bcpublicrecord.com/?p=4644

The 4th amendment is already being trashed with domestic enemy Commissioner of Dept. of Safety and Homeland Insecurity Bill Gibbons teaming up with the feds for VIRP.

The Washington Post reports that the black budget costs $52.6 Billion a year, but that’s a conservative estimate when the Dept. of Homeland Security has admitted that it doesn’t know how much it’s spending on Fusion Centers.

Tennessee has already wasted $200 million expanding the police state.  http://www.bcpublicrecord.com/?p=1150

This situation has gotten so out of control that Electronic Service Providers can’t even tell their lawyers what big snooping government wants.

Fusion center director: We don’t spy on Americans, just anti-government Americans.  Right, except who defines who is anti-government?  http://rt.com/usa/fusion-center-director-spying-070/

The US doesn’t even make the top 10 best countries to live in.
Does that come as a surprise given the ever expanding police state?  I can provided hundreds of links to stories about police state expansion, police brutality, illegal spying and privacy violations if you want more.

Metadata collecting, parallel construction, loosely defined terms and flat out tyranny are taking place within the NSA and the federal government.  It’s time to stand up and support the rights of the people against an out of control reckless federal government.

Let freedom ring!
Tona in Greenback

Overbey votes against Guns in Parks Bill

Smug Overbite (Senator Doug Overbey) wants criminals to have the advantage in parks, voting against Campfield’s bill.  Of course, this is still with the get your permission slip from the State to do what you naturally have the God-given right to do.  So much for the letter that he sent about his support of the 2nd amendment for the gun rally held in Blount County last year.

When will the people of Blount County wake up?  The people they have put in office are an embarrassment.  Not one single office holder is a Democrat or an Independent, excepting non-partisan races.  All the good ole boys are Republicans who give lip service platitudes.  Will the people of Blount County ever wise up to this?  Or will we get more of the same?



Is this the conservatism Tennesseans have been waiting 140 years for?

Today’s guest post is by Eric Holcombe.

Who is the secret senator that Tennessee Republicans are protecting?

1st Post – revealing the back-door budget language sabotage by a secret legislator returning tax dollars to the abortophiles at Planned Parenthood

The Plot Thickens  Sen. Campfield talks to Doug Himes, attorney for the legislature that drafts budget language who helped make the change for the still unnamed legislator and claimed “attorney/client privilege” in not revealing who he conspired with to make the illegal change. Tom Humphrey reports on this and gives some more detail. Himes will not comment on whether Sen. Campfield contacted him or not, but says they do not make any changes unless directed to do so by a legislator. Campfield claims Himes told him it was someone on the House side that gave direction. So, it’s a legislator, and most likely a Republican one. House speaker Harwell says it isn’t her.  Rep. Gerald McCormick says it isn’t him. Rep. Charles Sargent can’t be reached, but later tells Sen. Campfield that “it came from the Senate” and he had instructed two Senators to ‘fix it’. Still no name(s). Assuming Sen. Campfield didn’t lie about his conversations with Himes and Sargent, either Himes or Sargent (or both) are lying about who gave direction to make the change. At least one of the three is not telling the whole truth.

On to the Senate side. Senate Majority leader Mark Norris says it isn’t him.  Then, Speaker Harwell and Lt. Gov. Ramsey issue a joint press release….that doesn’t reveal the criminal activity behind the scenes, but suggests that the criminal activity has some merit to it because without it the entire budget would be jeopardized (in true Federal Reserve/Tim Geithner appeal-to-fear form). In fact, it appears they have worked with the legal department (remember, the one that made illegal changes and then claimed attorney-client privilege against you) to concoct a face-saving way out of this. Sen. Campfield provides analysis of the release, points out parts that are not true, and begins to call on Gov. Haslam to line item veto the illegally changed portion of the budget. He could do that, and at the same time make good on a campaign promise to defund Planned Parenthood.

So at this point, I believe it is very likely Harwell, Ramsey, Himes and Sargent know who did it. Maybe Sen. Campfield does too. He and Ramsey were co-sponsors of the amendment, so Ramsey has no apparent reason to sabotage it. Then, suddenly, everything is all better. But no one is going to root out the real problem, which is the conspiracy between the legal department and the secret Senator(s). Sure, Ron Ramsey has said he’ll work “behind the scenes” to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  “Asked if that means the results of his inquiry into what occurred and who was responsible will never be made public, Ramsey replied, “That’s a possibility.”  I’ll tell you what Lt. Gov., let the truth be known, and the voters will take care of that.

Why is the Republican leadership hiding this? I can see either: a)Republican leadership is choosing their party and its damage control over the rule of law and the constituents, or b) this is being hidden for future political leverage over the guilty party, who is allegedly on their side. In either case, there are now not only Republicans willing to subvert the will of your elected representatives by altering passed legislation, but also Republican leadership that is willing to hide and protect them. Unfortunately for the honest legislators (some of whom happen to be in the Republican party), they have also been betrayed by the majority party. Whatever you sponsor/cosponsor/vote on can get changed in a back room after the fact with support of Conservative Republican™ leadership. Even Gov. Haslam doesn’t seem too interested: “But it is not something I’m spending a lot of time trying to figure out.

Sen. Campfield is willing to let it drop as long as he got what he was looking for (defunding Planned Parenthood) and likens this to kissing ugly girls at the prom and taking the pretty one home. From here, it looks like the pretty girl has had plastic surgery, fake teeth and a wig and is only interested in riding in your nice car.

Is this the conservatism Tennesseans have been waiting 140 years for? It isn’t what I am looking for. Save the tux rental and stop going to the two-party prom. Buy the truth and sell it not.

Senator Overbey Violates Oath of Office: Tells Judicial Committee not to Vote Based on Constitution

On Tuesday, Senator Stacey Campfield’s bill SB0127 to restore popular election, as required by Article VI Section 3 of the Tennessee Constitution, was heard and debated by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The good news, it passed 5-4 with an unusual tie breaking vote cast by Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey.

The bad news, Senator Doug Overbey violated his oath of office and told the Senate Judiciary Committee not to use the State Constitution as a means for voting to restore a constitutional requirement.

Listen to the discussion here:

Senator Overbey’s egregious remark begins at about the 10 minute mark, “You should only vote for this bill if you think direct election is the best policy.  Period.  If you think it’s the best policy then vote for it, but don’t use the Constitution as a means for voting for it.”

Here is my email to Senator Overbey, as he is suppose to “represent” me.

Dear Senator Overbey,

Article VI Section 3 of the Tennessee Constitution states: The judges of the Supreme Court shall be elected by the qualified voters of the state.

This sentence is so clear that a blind man could read it.  You took an oath to the Tennessee Constitution, but you clearly violated it on Tuesday with your vote against restoring the election of Supreme Court Judges.

Since you are in violation of your oath of office, you have two options: resign since you have no intention of honoring your oath of office, or repent and vote for this bill when it comes before you again.

Those are the only honorable things to do.  Otherwise you lied to the people of your district and ultimately to all Tennesseans and you should be ashamed of your unfaithfulness to the Constitution.

Let freedom ring!